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Environment & recycling

Protection of our environment is more important than ever - also in order to safeguard the basis of our own existence. This includes above all the protection of flora and fauna and also the water, the soil and the air. This responsibility determines all aspects of our daily activities. Possehl Kehrmann is your reliable partner for meeting the economic and ecological requirements of our times.

Recycling and re-using

The aim of waste disposal is the recovery of secondary raw materials. We want to re-use material characteristics for the original and/or for a different purpose. We also utilise your waste in such a way that the products are as far as possible capable of being used repeatedly and are technically durable. We strive largely for closed cycles - with the use primarily of recyclable waste or of secondary raw materials derived from them for new production. If waste requires special pre-treatment for that purpose, we handle that on our own business premises.